Lush Launches Shrek-Themed Collection

Lush Launches Shrek-Themed Collection

THE WHAT? Lush has unveiled a collaboration with the Shrek franchise, launching the Lush x Shrek collection first on their app and soon in stores, inspired by the animated series to celebrate the quirky and swampy side of its fans, moving away from the ‘clean girl’ aesthetic.

THE DETAILS  The collection features new products like the “Get Outta My Swamp” shower slime, “Shrek Swamp” bath bomb, and “Fiona” shower gel, all carrying unique fragrances inspired by the characters and themes of Shrek, with some returning favorites for a limited time.

THE WHY? This partnership highlights Lush’s innovative approach to product development, aiming to engage fans of Shrek and Lush customers alike with creative, themed products that embody the spirit of the franchise while adhering to Lush’s commitments to sustainability and ethical sourcing.