Lush to ‘revolutionise the hair industry’; opens first hair salon

Lush to ‘revolutionise the hair industry’; opens first hair salon

THE WHAT? Lush is poised to launch its first hair salon in Brighton. The ethical cosmetics brand’s HairLab will take a holistic approach to hairdressing and barbering, cater for all hair types, reduce salon waste and feature a ‘spa for your head’.

THE DETAILS The salon will feature a botanical wash room where clients are bathed in light and sound. Clients will be able to choose between hard and soft water treatments using products from Lush’s hair care range.

Aligning with its ‘all are welcome, always’ mantra, the salon will offer no-mirror and silent treatments, quiet hours with reduced music and lighting and gender affirming events, such as trans masculine shaving workshops.

THE WHY? The hair and scalp category is having a moment, and Lush’s stated mission is to ‘revolutionise the hair industry’, reducing salon waste and using natural hair colouring. Daisy Evans, Lush Hair Lead, explains, “We’re looking forward to welcoming everyone to the Lush HairLab to witness the future of hair services – where self-expression and excellence combine to redefine your hair journey, leading by example in the hair industry.”

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