Lush ushers in above-inflation pay rise for UK staff

Lush ushers in above-inflation pay rise for UK staff

THE WHAT? Employees of UK-based ethical cosmetics brand, Lush will receive a welcome pay rise this month, according to a report published by Business Live. The UK bath bomb manufacturer pays the Real Living Wage, which will increase to £10.90 per hour; or £11.95 per hour for London-based staff.

THE DETAILS As inflation stubbornly remains in double figures in the UK, recipients of the Real Living Wage are among the lucky ones who will be able to maintain their standard of living despite soaring food costs.

THE WHY? Kim Coles, Lush Finance Director, told Business Live, “Lush staff making and selling our products are crucial to our success and we continue to commit to the rate to ensure that, as the cost of living continues to rise, we can be confident that our rates of pay are fair and that our staff can afford what they need to thrive, not just to survive.”