M.A.C announces new Viva Glam ‘MACtivist’ line up

M.A.C announces new Viva Glam ‘MACtivist’ line up

M.A.C has announced its new line up of 18 ‘MACtivists’ that will be supporting the brand and the Viva Glam campaign, with a mix of influencers, artists and activists having been chosen.

The ‘cast’ includes Troye Sivan and Jacob Bixerman, Lea T, Parker Kit Hill, Alex Mugler, Aquaria, Dara Allen, Mari Malek, Princess Nokia, Deja Foxx, Bradley Miller, Schuron Womack, Daiana Gonzalez, Carlisha Gizelle, Nisha Sirpal, Kiekie Stanners and Allen Li.

As part of their work for the cult beauty brand, the selected team will be tasked with helping spread the message of the campaign via their respective platforms.

M.A.C’s most recent Viva Glam lipstick is now also on sale, with the company donating all proceeds to help support in the fight against AIDS and HIV.

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