MAC Cosmetics drops prices in Australia

MAC Cosmetics drops prices in Australia

Lauder-owned MAC Cosmetics has dropped the price of its lipsticks, eyeshadows and mascaras on the Australian market, according to a report published by 10 Daily.  

The brand revealed that it was lowering the price of set items in order to remain competitive as well as to align Australian pricing with international charges. Many Australians were purchasing their MAC Cosmetics abroad where products are cheaper, 10 Daily reports.

“Tag your shopping partner in crime because your favourite MAC products have had a price makeover,” the brand’s Australian unit posted on its Instagram account. “You can now shop Lipsticks for $30, Single Eyeshadows for $29 and Single-Wand Mascaras for $39.”

MAC’s followers greeted the news with enthusiasm, with one Instagram user typing, ‘Honestly, I feel better about everything now’.

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