Macy’s Launches Digital Fashion Platform

THE WHAT?   Macy’s has introduced a new digital engagement platform, mstylelab, combining digital and physical elements of fashion retail. The platform is accessible on any device through any browser, and it invites users to create a user profile, acquire a digital item, and participate in a metaverse-based immersive fashion experience.

THE DETAILS The launch of mstylelab showcases Macy’s latest brand, On 34th, within a virtual New York City setting created by the metaverse technology platform Journee. The platform aims to attract new audiences to Macy’s, offering a shoppable, interactive experience. Users can create a digital fabric that represents their community identity, explore the virtual environment, interact with digital versions of select On 34th apparel, and unlock a unique digital t-shirt personalised to their digital fabric.

THE WHY?  Macy’s has developed mstylelab to drive innovation in the fashion retail space, fostering a community around discovery, self-expression, and connectivity. The platform is part of Macy’s broader digital strategy, aiming to create a space where fashion and technology converge. Future updates to mstylelab are planned to incorporate new immersive experiences and partnerships, with an upcoming update to feature the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade® in the metaverse.