Manchester City Renews Rexona Partnership

Manchester City Renews Rexona Partnership

THE WHAT?   Manchester City has renewed its global partnership with Unilever-owned Rexona, a relationship that has been in place since 2018 for the men’s team and was extended to include the women’s team in 2020. The new agreement ensures the continuation of this partnership for both teams for multiple years to come.

THE DETAILS  Over the course of their partnership, Manchester City and Rexona have worked together on various campaigns, including the Rexona Breaking Limits Programme aimed at empowering youth. They have also engaged in numerous brand campaigns to increase Rexona’s visibility worldwide. Julian Alvarez, serving as a brand ambassador, will continue to be a part of these promotional efforts, particularly in Argentina.

THE WHY?  The partnership aims to increase brand awareness for Rexona while continuing the company’s efforts to promote movement and confidence. Manchester City benefits from the financial support and added visibility that comes with the partnership, and Rexona is able to leverage the global appeal of the football club to promote its products. This renewal ensures continued brand presence for Rexona within the stadium and allows fans to engage with the brand through unique experiences.