Mary Kay Joins Global Shea

Mary Kay Joins Global Shea

THE WHAT?  Mary Kay Inc., a global beauty brand, has joined the Global Shea Alliance (GSA), a non-profit focused on creating a sustainable and competitive shea industry. This move aligns with Mary Kay’s goals of sustainability and women’s empowerment worldwide.

THE DETAILS   The GSA emphasises an inclusive value chain, promoting sustainability and confidentiality in its industry dealings. Mary Kay’s COO, Deborah Gibbins, views this partnership as a key development in sustainable beauty practices, leveraging shea’s use in cosmetics. Mamatou Djaffo, GSA’s President, welcomed Mary Kay, citing their shared interests in corporate social responsibility and sustainability. The collaboration is expected to influence industry standards in social and environmental responsibility.

THE WHY? The partnership aims to positively impact the cosmetics industry, focusing on enhancing the economic wellbeing of shea collectors and processors and restoring parklands in West Africa. A recent meeting at Mary Kay’s facility in Texas with GSA’s Aaron Adu and Olawunmi Osholake discussed potential synergies and opportunities. This collaboration is part of a broader effort to balance commercial interests with social and environmental considerations in the beauty industry.