Mary Kay sponsors symposium on pollution and skin health at RADLA

Mary Kay sponsors symposium on pollution and skin health at RADLA

Mary Kay has been announced as symposium sponsor at the prestigious Reunión Anual de Dermatólogos Latinoamericanos (RADLA). The event, held May 4–7 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, provides an opportunity for global experts in the field of dermatology to exchange knowledge on technological advances and innovative scientific achievements.

The Mary Kay sponsored symposium has been named ‘Pollution and Skin Health’ and will be moderated by Dr Lucy Gildea, Chief Scientific Officer for the direct sales brand. As part of the symposium, Mary Kay will present findings on an antioxidant complex that could help delay premature signs aging caused by exhaust fumes.

“In order to develop next-generation skin care products and fight against the premature signs of aging induced by pollution we must continue to advance cutting-edge skin science,” said Dr Gildea. “Mary Kay scientists spent years researching the latest ingredient innovations to develop our newest skin care collection that defends against free radicals and helps delay the onset of premature skin aging from unavoidable environmental and lifestyle stressors such as car exhaust and air pollution. We are honored to present our findings during the ‘Pollution and Skin Health’ symposium at RADLA.”