MediaCom SA announced as Revlon’s digital agency

MediaCom SA announced as Revlon’s digital agency

Beauty brand Revlon has announced MediaCom SA as its South African digital agency, which has been tasked with making the brand relevant with millennial consumers.

The company has been working on the brand’s content and digital service with its MediaCom Beyond Beyond Advertising (MBA) offering, which is said to be a revolutionary content and digital service and gaining ground as an essential tool in the digital world.

Federico Dedeu, Head of MediaCom Beyond Advertising, said, “Our appointment as this iconic brand’s digital agency is a true testament to our insights-driven approach to content and creative execution, Our approach will enable the Revlon brand to authentically build relevance and appeal among the local millennial market.”

Dedeu has suggested that the new appointment will allow the company to base its digital decisions based on ‘fact rather than assumptions’, with a more solid digital experience for its consumers.

He continued, “Another big benefit is that Revlon will now have both media and content under the same roof, which will optimise the brand’s communication system and deliver greater and more predictable results.”