Metsä Board showcases new cardboard packaging for cosmetics market

Metsä Board showcases new cardboard packaging for cosmetics market

Finland-based cardboard packaging company Metsä Board showcased a new range of lightweight sustainable packaging at the Packaging of Perfume, Cosmetics & Design (PCD) Congress 2015.


The key product promoted by Metsä Board at the trade event is the ‘Carta Allura’- a new folding boxboard developed especially for luxury end-uses. The product is defined by a smooth finish that makes it ideal for foil lamination, high-gloss varnish and other special effects.

It also has high brightness and sleek appearance, which Metsä Board believes makes it ideal for premium products. The company is aiming Carta Allura at markets such beauty care, high-end food and beverages as well as graphic applications.

Also on show were Metsä Board products Modo Northern Light, new fully bleached linerboard available both coated and uncoated, which has many uses as microflute and provides new options in traditional corrugated applications. Metsä Board’s full range of folding boxboards for beauty care including Carta Elega, Carta Integra, Carta Solida and Avanta Prima.

Metsä Board has also introduced its ‘Packaging Services’ for global brand owners- a coordinated service that involves full communication with the client from the initial brief, through to research, testing, and both structural and graphical design.