Mibelle Biochemistry receives Frost & Sullivan award for snow algae powder

Mibelle Biochemistry receives Frost & Sullivan award for snow algae powder

US market research company Frost & Sullivan has given Switzerland-based cosmetics ingredients manufacturer Mibelle Biochemistry an award for innovation for its development of snow algae powder.

Every year Frost & Sullivan present the European Award for New Product Innovation Leadership to a company that has used leading-edge technologies to bring develop new and original products. 

Shomik Majumdar, Vice President at Frost & Sullivan, commented, “Snow algae are the only algae that increase the amount of Klothogene in the skin. It helps in DNA repair and detoxification of skin cells, and stimulates calorie restriction mimetics.

“Furthermore, with this ingredient, Mibelle Biochemistry pioneered the improvement of the papillary structure at the dermal-epidermal junction for skin rejuvenation.”

Mibelle Biochemistry patented the use of snow algae extract in cosmetics.

The chemicals manufacturer produces the active ingredient through initial isolation of the algae, followed by enhanced cultivation in bio-reactors. Optimal cultivation of the Snow Algae Powder in the bio-reactor enhances the production of stress response molecules, such as carotenoids which are very valuable for the skin.

The snow algae is then harvested for purification, the cell walls of the algae are disrupted and the cell fragments are encapsulated into liposomes. Finally, the algae are spray-dried on a maltodextrin-based powder.

Nandhini Rajagopal, Industry Analyst, commented, “Mibelle Biochemistry uses zero preservatives and consistent concentration of metabolites. This strict procedure and its customized bio-reactors ensure that the Snow Algae Powder offers superior quality and unmatched value to customers.”