Mind the gap: Unilever US signs equal pay pledge

Mind the gap: Unilever US signs equal pay pledge

 Unilever US has announced that it has signed the White House Equal Pay Pledge as part of its wider commitment to the advancement of women’s economic inclusion.

The move obliges Unilever’s US division to carry out an annual company-wide gender pay analysis, as well as review hiring and promotion processes and procedures to reduce unconscious bias and structural barriers within the organisation.

“Unilever continues to be vocal about the equality of women in the workplace,” said Mike Clementi, Unilever North America Vice President of Human Resources. “By signing the White House Equal Pay Pledge, we remain committed to reviewing our policies and ensuring Unilever is a leader in providing benefits that empower women at work.”

The Anglo-Dutch’s north American division is currently at 49 percent gender balance for managers and above. The company offers a comprehensive set of benefits to promote the advancement of women in the workplace including IVF and egg freezing, 16-weeks paid maternity leave, agile working and job sharing, and back-up child care and elder care.