Mirai Clinical creates deodorant to combat ‘ageing odour’

Mirai Clinical creates deodorant to combat ‘ageing odour’

Japanese holistic personal care brand Mirai Clinical has created a new deodorant to launch in the US, specifically targeted at Westerners with ‘ageing odour’.

The company states that many Japanese believe that the increase in a body odour of an old person, named karei-shu, is due to a more Westernized diet, and that by reducing animal fat intake may reduce ‘karei-shu’.

As a result the company has created the Persmimmon extract products, which are handcrafted at a family-owned soap mill in Osaka. The soap requires time-consuming kneading by hand, months for the drying period and individual brushing to protect the sensitive ingredients. Meanwhile the deodorant is said to odors originating from the armpit, groin, feet and nonenal.

The company states, “Mirai Clinical is on a mission to teach westerners a successful approach to treat changing body odor that cannot be washed off with regular soaps.”