MyGlamm offers show of confidence in high street retail; opens largest beauty store in India

MyGlamm offers show of confidence in high street retail; opens largest beauty store in India

THE WHAT? MyGlamm has opened a new 3000 sq ft beauty store, said to be the largest space in India – offering a boost of confidence in high street retail following the pandemic. 

THE DETAILS The L’Occitane-funded brand has located the store in Mumbai’s Juhu neighbourhood, bringing in New York-based beauty creative agency School House to oversee the design. 

The experiential store is said to ‘blur the lines’ between physical and digital retail and offers consumer’s spaces for ‘private, autonomous physical experiences with publicly shareable community and co-creation digital experiences.’

Store features include MyGlammXO Secret Lab, where loyalty program members can digitally test formulations, beauty creator booths, one-on-one consultant zones, and the Glamm Stage, where product education and workshops will be held.

THE WHY? While surveys have shown that consumers are keen to get back into physical stores, the habits formed during global lockdowns are said to have been cemented, with many adopting digital behaviours unseen before the pandemic. 

Said to be ‘scaling up’ its business activity, Darpan Sanghvi, Founder & CEO, MyGlamm, said, “We recognize that the answer to physical retail in a post-Covid world is not to scale down, but in fact, to scale up to create a true experience for the consumer. 

“We have created an experience that brings together co-creation and shared artistry between brand and consumer to disrupt the conventional trial-first concepts for beauty with a flagship that redefines beauty retail’s role for physically socially distant yet digitally socially communal consumers. If our consumer has decided to step out of the house, we endeavour to make it worth her while.”

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