Nails Inc founder launches new beauty business INC.redible

Nails Inc founder launches new beauty business INC.redible

Thea Green, founder of Nails Inc, has announced the launch of a new beauty line named INC.redible, launched today across global retailers.

Taking to Instagram to announce the news, it will be a new venture for Green with the range said to include items such as a lip products, with the announcement stating, “INC.redible is all about being your most incredible self – there are no bad yous. INC.redible will amplify the entire DNA from the mothership of @nailsinc – known for innovation, trend and colour expertise – now exploded out into a full beauty range.”

Speaking to The Telegraph, Green said, “We could have just matched lipsticks to our existing Nails Inc range of colours, but that would have been quite limiting and not exciting enough. Instead we wanted to have wearable trends so women can be in fashion, without feeling foolish.
“Social media has made customers so much more knowledgeable about trends and products. As a result it has made it very difficult for large cosmetic companies to keep up with trends as they are constantly behind. Instead if you are launching new innovations, you’re the one driving the trend.”

Overall, by including sales of the new make-up range, products are expected to generate 70 percent of sales for the overall business, with 30 percent coming from nail salons.