Nars lipstick ad provokes controversy

If Nars set out to be provocative with its latest Instagram video, then mission accomplished. The Shiseido-owned make-up brand has long used a little sexual frisson to market its products, with lipstick names such as G Spot and Orgasm but the latest wheeze moves its marketing to another level of suggestion.

The ad starts with a lipstick which is unequivocally styled to look like a penis. During the video, the bullet melts into NARS newest launch, Morocco, complete with the brand’s logo. The caption reads: ‘When the nudes keep you up all night’.  

Predictably reaction was mixed with some noting via their social media accounts that the brand had ‘gone too far’ and that the ad was ‘distasteful’. Others, Chrissy Teigen included, leapt to the brand’s defence.

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