Natura &Co becomes founding member of free streaming platform WaterBear to focus on sustainability mission

Natura &Co becomes founding member of free streaming platform WaterBear to focus on sustainability mission

THE WHAT? Natura &Co has entered into a multilevel brand partnership with free streaming platform WaterBear, which works on ensuring the future of the planet. 

THE DETAILS The collaboration will see Natura &Co become a founding member of The WaterBear Network, with the beauty giant using the platform to raise awareness of its Commitment to Life sustainability vision in key markets around the world. 

Natura &Co will use ‘storytelling, advocacy, distribution across the WaterBear platform, events and cross-marketing’ to deliver the message, and will benefit from WaterBear’s creative content studio and interactive distribution opportunities.

According to a press release, Natura &Co will have its own dedicated channel on the WaterBear app and platform, showcasing ‘inspiring content around the brand’s key objectives: addressing the climate crisis and protecting the Amazon; defending human rights and embracing circularity and regeneration by 2030.’

THE WHY? The partnership looks to bolster Natura &Co’s global sustainability goals. 

Marcelo Behar, Vice President of Sustainability and Group Affairs, Natura &Co said, “When we launched our Sustainability Vision for 2030 and called it “Commitment to Life,” we shared our plan to address some of the world’s most challenging issues. To make it a reality we must connect our consultants and representatives, colleagues, communities, and clients with innovative partners and creative minds across the globe.
“The challenges ahead will redefine our concept of citizenship. That’s why we are delighted to embark on this journey with WaterBear, whose team understands that to touch the hearts and minds of citizens we must engage them with compelling content that inspires everyone to take action.”

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  1. I am not excited about this. The beauty industry is not a sustainable industry, whilst on the surface it may seem that using natural products and sourcing responsibly fits the criteria set by Water Bear, the beauty industry is an industrial manufacturing business and relies on consumption and growth. It promotes overuse of products which most people do not need, and if we were all more environmentally conscious the beauty business would be a substantially smaller industry. The amount of manufacturing, packaging transport resources and waste that is generated by these so call environmentally responsible businesses should be assessed in any evaluation of sponsors.


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