Natura &Co CEO: we want purpose and profitability

Natura &Co CEO: we want purpose and profitability

THE WHAT? Natura &Co’s CEO, Fabio Barbosa has announced that the company will be restructuring and revaluating its business model following a disappointing set of results, with revenues down 9 percent in the most recent quarter, according to a report published by The Financial Times.

THE DETAILS As previously reported on this platform the South American owner of Avon is considering a spin off or listing for its successful Aesop brand with the proceeds put towards paying down debt. It could also revaluate its presence in underperforming markets and The Body Shop owner is in the process of restructuring the holding company with central function costs cut by up to 40 percent and decision making devolved to individual brands to boot.

THE WHY? As many learnt the hard way during the pandemic, agility is key to corporate success in the post Covid world. As Barbosa told The Financial Times, “It is much better to delegate, for each unit to have their own reaction to the market realities where they live. It’s the flexibility that we have to the business units to react. They have more autonomy to make decisions with accountability.”