Natura Life + Science partners with Sacramento Green Equity

Natura Life + Science partners with Sacramento Green Equity

THE WHAT? Natura Life + Science has announced a partnership with Sacramento Green Equity, a program that assists individuals and communities who are facing barriers to starting cannabis businesses.

THE DETAILS Natura will work in collaboration with the Sac Green Equity Group to provide educational and mentorship opportunities for potential cannabis business owners aiming to fully operate in the legal market. 

Applicants in Sacramento can qualify for the program in a number of ways; by being community members who live in a low-income household, determined by income or zip code, as well as individuals who were personally arrested for a cannabis–related crime between 1980-2011 or had an immediate family member who was.

“The entire Natura team is proud to partner with Sacramento Green Equity to empower potential business owners in Sacramento,” said Ori Bytton, Natura founder and CEO. “While the country has embraced the social and economic benefits of legalizing cannabis, there are still millions of individuals who are eager to contribute to the industry that are left behind for a variety of reasons.”

THE WHY? Natura Life + Science is hoping to help those affected by the historical disparate enforcement of cannabis crimes during the War on Drugs.