Natura teams up with Santander to offer consultants banking service

Natura teams up with Santander to offer consultants banking service

Natura has partnered with Santander to offer its beauty consultants a bank account with exclusive benefits.

The fully digital account has an embedded interface with both the website and the Natura Consultant App, providing not only banking services but also a POS machine for credit and debit card payments, which will then be paid directly into the account and the balance can be used to make purchases with the Natura card, pay bills and transfers.

Consultants will also be able to access microcredit in order to purchase Natura products and therefore invest in the expansion and professionalism of their business.

“This is yet another initiative to empower our beauty consultants, enabling them to offer better customer experience. Moreover, we are contributing to their bankarisation and social inclusion”, says João Paulo Ferreira, Natura’s CEO. “Our goal is to enable the consultant to earn more, which in turn will increase our revenues. By enabling them to conduct more business transactions, it is a win-win situation for all. It is also another step towards further cementing their loyalty. New services like this pave the way for an ongoing increase in Consultant productivity.”

“Providing support for Natura beauty consultants means providing support for enterprise and financial inclusion, both fundamental needs in Brazil, where the most urgent challenge is to generate employment and income,” added Sérgio Rial, president of Santander Brasil. “This partnership was only possible because we are a bank that has an integrated vision of the value chain. We are able to offer solutions both for large companies and for their suppliers, employees and partners.”

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