Natural and organic cosmetics: losing their shine?

Natural and organic cosmetics: losing their shine?

With the natural and organic cosmetics trend showing no sign of waning, it has been said that these products are little more than a successful marketing campaign, with little evidence that there is any added benefits from the ingredients within.

According to Dr. Kong, M.D, Ph.D, as quoted in, said that while many consumers trust in these products more freely, thanks to the natural and organic claims on the label, many do not actually contain natural ingredients and there is no clinical proof that organic ingredients are better than normal ones.

Kong cites examples such as the fact that there are no FDA-approved terms or industry regulations for using the terms ‘natural and organic’, and that organic certification merely means that the source of an ingredient grew organically, and that it’s effectiveness is not guaranteed.

Likewise there is said to be no substantial research articles that prove organic ingredients are better than synthetic ones, and almost 90 per cent of the 10,500 cosmetics and skin care ingredients known to the FDA have not been evaluated for safety. Some natural ingredients are said to be irritating.

Importantly the FDA warns that an ingredients source can’t determine its safety. For example while plants may be grown organically, many contain toxic substances.

However, will consumers continue to be sold on the natural and organic movement, or start to question the efficacy of the products that are purchased under this successful label?