Neutrogena Australia launches UV-activated dress to detect sunburn

Neutrogena Australia launches UV-activated dress to detect sunburn

The Australian arm of Johnson & Johnson-owned skin care brand Neutrogena has launched a UV-activated dress as part of its Skinnovation Collection, which aims to highlight when users are being exposed to harmful UV rays that could cause sunburn.

The clothing prototype includes a dress and shorts, which use UV-activated thread that changes color when exposed to UV rays. The prototype aims to showcase the short periods of time when users could be exposed to UV rays without knowledge, highlighting the importance of wearing sunscreen.

Nadine Saraceno, Neutrogena’s Regulatory Affairs Manager, says, “’People often think they’ll only be exposed to UV when they’re outside in the direct sun.
“The collections shows us otherwise. UV is prevalent every day, all year round and in places we may not expect. One of the best things women can do to protect their skin from sun damage and for anti-ageing is to use a sunscreen, meaning we should incorporate sunscreen into our daily routine.”

While the innovation is at present not available to consumers, it is thought the range may become online and in stores in the future.

Elin Holland, former Miss World Australia and model of the clothes said, “’Wearing the Neutrogena Skinnovation Collection showed me that UV rays are not just in direct sunlight, but in places we don’t expect.
“I have seen firsthand just how sun exposure can damage our skin, so I know how important it is to adopt a daily sun care routine, not just in summer but all year round.”

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