Neutrogena goes digital with new SkinScanner smartphone device

Neutrogena goes digital with new SkinScanner smartphone device

Johnson & Johnson-owned Neutrogena has developed its technology offering with the launch of SkinScanner, a device that attaches to the top of a smartphone which, when linked with the accompanying app, will give results of skin health over a period of time.

The gadget uses sensors to give users a magnified view of their skin through the Skin360 app, and will give before and after pics, while analysing the health of the skin over a period of time, suggestion ways to improve it using Neutrogena products – with other Johnson & Johnson products a possible route for the app in the future.

Unveiled at CES in Las Vegas and launching across the US this summer, the product was created in collaboration with Fitskin, and uses 12 LED lights, a 30x magnification lens, and also boasts a moisture sensor. Images are then transferred back to the phone via a wireless Bluetooth connection.

As part of the data, the gadget will compare the skin to other users in the same age range. At present, the SkinScanner caters to skin aesthetics and cannot treat skin care problems such as acne or signs of melanoma – a function which would require approval from the FDA.