New probiotic bodysuit said to help eliminate body odor

New probiotic bodysuit said to help eliminate body odor

A new bodysuit has been created that is said to help eliminate body odor by incorporating live probiotic bacteria into the material, according to a report by Reuters.

The innovative suit named Skin II was created by designer Rosie Broadhead, a graduate from London’s Central Saint Martins University, who worked with Belgian microbiologist Chris Callewaert of Ghent University to develop the fabric.

When activated by sweat the integrated live probiotic bacteria is said to reduce body odor, encourage cell renewal and improve the immune system.

Broadhead said, “It’s not the sweat on your body that causes body odor, it’s the bacteria. So we’ve incorporated healthy bacteria into the textiles to enable a healthy microbiome which will help to reduce your body odor,”

Working together, Broadhead and Callewaert plan to commercialize the suit, with the possibility of creating a range of sportswear with the same technology.

Highlighting the sustainability positives of the suit, Broadhead continued, “People are becoming more aware of sustainability and the environment. They’re concerned about the food that they are eating and the cosmetics that they’re putting on their skin. But less is known about the toxic chemicals that are in our clothing. So in time I think people will become more aware of wellness clothing.”

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