New research gives credence to ‘the Lynx effect’

New research gives credence to ‘the Lynx effect’

Unilever’s Axe (also-known-as-Lynx) has long marketed itself on the premise that its body sprays will make men more attractive to the opposite sex – although it’s recently taken a different, less stereotypical approach – but now research has revealed that there could be some truth in the theory.

According to a report published in The Sunday Times, scientists have discovered that fragrance has the power to lift the average man’s sex appeal several notches. However, for alpha males, the effect is limited as their natural body odor will have the same effect. The study asked 20 men and 20 women to wear a body odor-collecting pad under their arms for a day, which was then evaluated by a panel, while their physical attractiveness rated by a separate group.

“For men, fragrance use appears to be enhancing levels of body odor masculinity,” said Caroline Allen, in a paper prepared at Newcastle University Centre for Behaviour and Evolution.