New student career apps allows potential employees to connect with the likes of L’Oréal free of charge

New student career apps allows potential employees to connect with the likes of L’Oréal free of charge

In a first or the industry a new iOS and Android app released this week, called Debut, allows students and graduates the chance to connect with successful companies such as L’Oréal at the touch of a button, and all completely free of charge.

Not only does the app allow students to search for their dream role in an easy-to-use mobile setting, it has some innovative features that makes the job hunt all the more exciting. The Talent Spotter is one such feature, which turns job hunting on its head and sees the big companies, such as L’Oréal , searching through the CVs and approaching the candidates, rather than the other way round.

Through this feature, candidates will receive exclusive opportunities such as event invitations to, private campus-based discussions, invitations to apply for roles and webinars. Some may even find themselves fast tracked to the interview stage of selection.

Another feature of the app is the mobile gaming aspect, which encourages students to learn about careers in a more engaging way. The games are sponsored by L’Oréal , Microsoft, Deustche Bank and EY, and students that do well will be able to win prizes including internships.

L’Oréal is among the 40 companies taking part in the app, all of which are the leading graduate employers. Combined, these companies are set to employee over 10,000 graduates over the next year, with the help of the new app.

Charles Taylor, CEO and Founder of Debut, said, “It is surprising that until now the most mobile audience, students, have been unable to engage with potential employers through their phones. We have designed Debut to provide a much-improved experience and offer real insight and opportunities to help students chose and start their careers. We want Debut to increase accessibility to early careers no matter what the students’ location or background, something that is only possible through a native mobile app”   

Akwasi Appiah from the Queen Mary University London was invited to take part in the testing phase and said, “It’s great to finally have something like this available! The app also gives really valuable advice as to what employers are looking for and what steps I should take to get there. It was obviously designed with students in mind and it’s really slick and sophisticated, exactly what you want from an app like this. I am looking forward to getting stuck in and engaging with some top brands.”