New survey finds shoppers don’t trust sustainability claims

New survey finds shoppers don’t trust sustainability claims

THE WHAT? A new survey conducted by Provenance and London Research reveals that while 91 percent of British shoppers and 89 percent of US consumers say that sustainability and ethics are important considerations in their purchasing decisions when buying beauty and wellness products, some 79 percent have difficulty trusting brands’ sustainability claims.

THE DETAILS The team questioned more than 1,500 beauty shoppers in Europe and America, and found that the majority believe independent verifiers to be more trustworthy and that more than 44 percent of Gen Z say that sustainability is very important, twice as many as those aged 55+.

THE WHY? As an organization committed to explaining environmental and social claims to consumers, and measuring whether brands are doing what they claim, Provenance wanted to delve into consumer attitudes to sustainability and assess whether they feel confused by beauty and wellness industry claims, and where they look for clarity and to establish trust.