New Unilever campaign focuses on social good causes

New Unilever campaign focuses on social good causes

Personal care giant Unilever has unveiled a new sustainability focused advertising campaign for brands such as Dove, that drives home the ‘social good’ its brands can bring to the world.

Set to run across TV, online and in-store, the Bright Future campaign, the advert is called So Long, Old World and was created by Ogilvy.

Unilever chief marketing and communications officer, Keith Weed told The Drum, “People increasingly care about how the decisions they make affect the world we live in. Our Bright Future campaign shows people that when they buy our products they’re not just purchasing a bar of soap, they’re enabling children to live past the age of five by helping to teach handwashing; and they’re helping children access education.
“Brands with a purpose are at the heart of Unilever and we believe that the small choices we all make every day can make a big difference to the world we live in.”

The campaign comes as part of the company’s Sustainable Living plan that is said to have aided 482 million people improve their health and hygiene.

Measures include education on hygiene through handwashing, improving self-esteem and oral hygiene. Other drives include supplying training and support to 600,000 smallholders farmers and 1.8 million small scale retailers.