Nigeria looks local to lessen reliance on imported castor oil

Nigeria looks local to lessen reliance on imported castor oil

THE WHAT? Nigeria has cut the ribbon on its first castor oil manufacturing firm, according to a report published by The Nation.

THE DETAILS Agape Great, as the company has been named, is aiming to not only save Nigeria the US$150 million it spends on importing castor oil and its derivates every year but also stimulate the several sectors of the economy reliant on the raw material, including the cosmetics industry.

The Raw Material Research & Development Council has bought farmers in the south west of the country on board and supplied them with high quality seeds to cultivate.

THE WHY? Relying less on imports will not only shore up the country’s supply chain but also boost the local economy and attract investment. Alhaji Lawan Ali, President, Castor Oil Growers, Processors & Marketers Association, said, per The Nation, “The level of importation of cosmetics is high, with this factory they will not need to import as local manufacturers will have access to the primary raw material needed for manufacturing.”

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