Nigerian FDA bans Placentyne Hair Lotion

Nigerian FDA bans Placentyne Hair Lotion

THE WHAT? Nigeria’s National Agency for Food and Drug Administration has banned an Italian hair care product after receiving safety information from the European Rapid Alert System for dangerous non-food products, according to a report published by The Guardian.

THE DETAILS Placentyne Hair Lotion, which is manufactured by Linea Italiana di Benazzi Anna, was found to contain controversial preservatives, methylchloroisothiazolinone and methylisothiazolinone, both barred from use in leave-on products.

THE WHY? The preservatives in question have been linked to lung diseases, adverse reactions and possible neurotoxicity. A spokesperson for the agency told The Guardian, “Both chemicals inhibit bacterial growth in cosmetic products on their own, but they are most commonly used as a mixture in products. NAFDAC implores importers, distributors, retailers, healthcare providers and consumers to immediately stop importation, distribution, sale and use of Placentyne Hair Lotion.”