Nintendo’s Animal Crossing showcases first digital fashion show

THE WHAT? Fashion organization Reference Festival is set to host the world’s first Animal Crossing fashion show, with avatars dressed up in clothes inspired by the likes of Prada, Loewe and GmbH. 

THE DETAILS The fashion world has embraced Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons game since its launch in March, with brands such as Valentino, Anna Sui and Sandy Liang having created custom garments in the game. 

The fashion show by Berlin-based Reference Festival has been developed by photographer Kara Chung and Stylist Marc Goehring of 032C, with the final show being three minutes in length and soundtracked by Michel Gaubert.

Speaking about their collaboration, Chung and Goehring told Vogue, “We met through a mutual friend, curator Evan Garza, who had contacted the both of us for an Animal Crossing piece on Art Forum. We connected on a call right after, and thought it’d be a fun way to collaborate!”

Avators in the show will be wearing items from brands such as Chanel, Craig Green, and Paco Rabanne. 

Talking about the creation of the soundtrack, Gaubert said, “This is the first all digital fashion show I have worked on, and I approached it the same way I would approach a physical show, which is instinctively,”

THE WHY? The online show highlights the ongoing success of cross-industry collaborations, with gaming continuing to be embraced by the fashion world. 

Talking to Vogue, Reference Studios Founder Mumi Haiati said, “An intention of the first edition of our festival was showcasing new formats of presenting fashion, innovation at its very core—a subject that has now become more important than ever. With the second edition we will carry on doing so and push the idea even further. Gaming specifically adds an aspect of community which of course is a most significant factor in contemporary communications.”