Nivea accused of ‘racial insensitivity’ following ‘white purity’ advert

Nivea accused of ‘racial insensitivity’ following ‘white purity’ advert

Nivea has pulled an advert following consumer backlash of ‘racial insensitivity’ due to the ‘White is purity’ phase used in the advertisement.

Promoting the Invisible For Black & White deodorant, the advert used the tagline “Keep it clean, keep bright. Don’t let anything ruin it, #Invisible,” and has since been deleted by the Beiersdorf-owned company.

Showing the power of social media and the affect negative social press can have on brands, the company deleted the advert, which ran for two days on Nivea’s Middle East Facebook page, due to calls of racial insensitivity.

Indeed, the advert was also posted on Twitter next to an image of Pepe the Frog, a cartoon linked with anti-Semitism. One social media user Laila Parmoon wrote on Facebook, “It’s cool for the ‘Middle East’ Facebook page? Really? As if colourism isn’t a problem in those cultures?”

Nivea has since apologised, releasing a statement to say, “We are deeply sorry to anyone who may take offense to this specific post. Diversity and equal opportunity are crucial values of Nivea.”