Nivea launches refill station for shower gel

Nivea launches refill station for shower gel

THE WHAT? Beiersdorf-owned Nivea is trialling a refill station for its popular shower gel, according to a report published by Design Boom.

THE DETAILS The trial will take place across the Hamburg and Ettlingen branches of German drugstore chain DM.

The refill machine is the result of a collaboration between the company’s packaging and R&D functions and will explore the concept of reusable bottles.

“First we had to understand and define the consumer and shopper experience to design a holistic solution,” Caroline Zia, Senior Formula Developer at Beiersdorf told Design Boom. “While the concept of refilling is not entirely new, the personal care category does not boast widespread use of this technology yet. We had to identify the best possible scenario for the consumer and for sustainability. Not all formulations are suitable for such a concept. The formulations need to withstand the additional burden of refiling and we had to carefully choose our products after extensive internal testing. Also, the machine had to be programmed for additional cleaning protocols. This way, we could guarantee multiple filling loops and still meet our safety and sustainability criteria.”

THE WHY? The refill trial is part of Beiersdorf’s wider mission to up its sustainability credentials and reduce its reliance on virgin plastic.  

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