Nivea Men launches new deodorant campaign for Indian market

Nivea Men launches new deodorant campaign for Indian market

Beiersdorf-owned Nivea India has launched a new campaign for its men’s deodorant line, which parodies a Bond-style mission, according to a report published by Brand Equity.

The digital campaign carries the hashtag #CoveringUpFails, and aims to highlight the importance of tackling body odor at the source, rather than covering it up.

“The Indian consumers’ attitude towards body odor is ‘Not my problem’. The aim of this campaign is to create relevance of body odor for consumers without triggering their defence mechanism of ‘not for me’,” Sunil Gadgil, Marketing Director Nivea India told Brand Equity. “This film is part of a series of films created by Nivea India to seed the practice of odor control at the source aimed at consumers with the habit of spraying a fragrance on their shirt to mask the odor.”

The first digital film, created by DigitasLBi India for Nivea, has clocked up some 3 million views in its first week, and is being promoted by digital posters across social media.


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