Nivea number one amongst Australian women

Nivea number one amongst Australian women

According to new data from Roy Morgan Research, Nivea is the top-selling brand skin care for female Australian consumers. The research also shows 76.6 per cent of Australian women buy face care products and 68.3 per cent buy hand/or body lotion in an average six-month period.

The top five brands within face care products are Nivea taking the top spot with 13.2 per of women aged 14 upwards buying its products, followed by Olay at 12.1 per cent, Neutrogena at 5.7 per cent, followed by Dove at 5.1 per cent and L’Oreal at 4.9 per cent.

Australian women also favoured Nivea for then hand and body lotion category, with 11.3 per cent choosing the brand, while Vaseline Intensive Care came in second at 9.1 per cent with Avon and Aveeno coming in at third and fourth place respectively at 4.6% respectively.

Andrew Price, General Manager, Consumer Products, Roy Morgan Research says, “Women’s skincare is a crowded market, with a seemingly endless range of brands and products to choose from. So it’s not really surprising that many women, once they settle on a brand they like, stick to it when buying face care and hand/body lotion (assuming the brand is available across both categories). Not only do they know what kind of quality and value they’re getting, but it simplifies their shopping experience.
“However, the corollary of this is that if a woman is unhappy with her skincare brand, there are plenty of alternatives to investigate! So it’s crucial that brands remain competitive and attuned to their customers’ needs, preferences and budgets. 
“Nivea is clearly well aware of this, out-selling both its face-care and hand/body rivals.”

The research also showed that the brands that offer products in two or more categories are far more likely to benefit from consumers buying their products across more markets. Australian women who buy Nivea in the hand and body lotion are 235 per cent more likely to buy Nivea face products. Likewise those who purchase Avon products in any category are 1000 per cent more likely to buy Avon in others. Indeed direct sales consumers are said to be especially loyal to their chosen brand.