Nivea to launch Vaseline rival onto African market

Nivea to launch Vaseline rival onto African market

Beiersdorf-owned Nivea is going head to head with its rival FMCG manufacturers for dominance over the African market. Having recently dedicated part of its marketing budget to building its association with the fashion industry, a strategy favoured by L’Oréal, the German skin care brand is now hoping to best Unilever with its Nivea Petroleum Jelly Essence, according to a report published by The Star.

“The new product is the result of detailed market research to understand the habits of Kenyan consumers and their unmet needs in their daily skin care routines,” Mathieu Levasseur, Managing Director for East, Central and West Africa told The Star.

“While petroleum jelly remains a versatile product in most African homes, more than half of the consumers surveyed did not like the sticky, greasy feeling that it leaves,” Beiersdorf Marketing Director Francis Afulani added, noting that African skin has a greater tendency to lose moisture, per The Star.