No judgement: Lux launches new brand purpose

No judgement: Lux launches new brand purpose

Unilever-owned Lux has launched a new brand mission which aims to encourage women to challenge stereotypes and break free from judgements, according to a report published by The Drum.

The #LuxDefyingJudgements campaign launched during the Academy Awards in late February and the brand is partnering with NBCUniversal International Networks’ E! channel.

“We are all influenced from a young age by the lyrics of the songs we listen to or by the movies we watch,” Anne Radmacher, Global Brand Vice President for Lux told The Drum. “The way women are portrayed in these songs or movies ends up influencing how we and society at large think women should look or behave. This is one of the tension points where judgements are coming from.

“To tackle this, we wanted to look specifically at the way women are portrayed in the entertainment industry and commit to recognizing and supporting women who rise above judgement and challenge the stereotypes.”

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