Notpla wins The Earthshot Prize 2022

Notpla wins The Earthshot Prize 2022

THE WHAT? A London-based start-up, Notpla has been named a winner of the 2022 Earthshot Prize in the Build a Waste-Free World category. Notpla has developed an alternative to plastic made from seaweed and plants, which can be used to create a range of packaging materials.

THE DETAILS Notpla’s impact is wide and varied. Seaweed farmed for its production captures carbon 20-times faster than trees, addressing one of the key causes of the climate crisis. The packaging itself means less plastic clogging our seas, reducing ocean waste. Meanwhile, farms boost fish population and seaweed farming creates new opportunities for fishing communities.

THE WHY? Co-Founder & CEO, Pierre Paslier, commented, “Fourteen million tonnes of plastic enter our oceans each year. We founded Notpla when we discovered the solution lies in our oceans too. We are already replacing plastic that plagues our seas, and working with seaweed farms that give back to the environment and the local economy. Thank you for recognising us as we take our next big step and eliminate single-use plastic for good!”