Olaplex tackles dupes with viral social media campaign

Olaplex tackles dupes with viral social media campaign

THE WHAT? Olaplex has been raising awareness of ‘dupe culture’ via a playful social media campaign. The hair care brand used social listening tools to identify how often it was being duped and launched Oladupe to demonstrate to shoppers that the only company that could recreate its patented formula is Olaplex itself.

THE DETAILS The fictitious product launched with an unboxing campaign featuring more than 100 earned and paid influencers. Consumers were directed to a dedicated website and the first 160 to register were sent a free bottle of Olaplex No.3 and an explanation of the joke.

THE WHY? JuE Wong, Chief Executive Officer of Olaplex reveals, “Olaplex is the real deal, a brand that is truly ‘undupable’, and the foundation of this is our underlying technology, which is peerless in the industry… This campaign tapped into the cultural zeitgeist, meeting consumers where they are and playfully educating them on the one-of-a-kind and proven repair and strengthening benefits of our bond-building technology, which cannot be copied or duped.”