Olay: we will not retouch our advertising campaigns

Olay: we will not retouch our advertising campaigns

THE WHAT? Procter & Gamble-owned skin care brand Olay has pledged to cease the practice of skin retouching in its advertising campaigns by the end of year.

THE DETAILS The brand is claiming to be the first US skin care brand to take such a stance.

“Women are constantly facing conflicting expectations about their outward appearance. Olay is making a commitment to zero skin retouching in all advertising by 2021,” the brand posted on its website.

Added brand ambassador Busy Philipps, “I am beyond proud to be a part of the Olay Skin Promise. As a mother of two girls, I understand the importance of being an authentic role model in every sense of the word. Olay stands for championing women and I love seeing them use their huge platform to inspire women everywhere to live life authentically and unapologetically.

I’ve never shied away from highlighting my imperfections. I have laugh lines, but I have those laugh lines from laughing with my children and my husband. They are real and they are special. It’s exciting to work with a brand like Olay to shout that from the rooftops!”

THE WHY? As a company that trades on its equality stance, this is the next natural step for Olay and chimes with the wider movement spearheaded by the likes of CVS to present women with more realistic imagery.

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