Oriflame – Company Profile

Oriflame – Company Profile


Oriflame Cosmetics Global SA
Schaffhausen Branch

Bleicheplatz 3

CH-8200 Schaffhausen


A Swedish direct sales company, Oriflame is present in more than 60 countries and offers products such as color cosmetics, skin care, fragrance and wellness.

CEO: Magnus Brännström
CFO: Gabriel Bennet

2019 48
2018 42
2017 45

Having ended up nigh at the bottom of the table, and reporting FY2018 results as down 3 percent, it’s no wonder Orilame owners are looking to shake things up by buying out the remaining shareholders. Hoping to ‘reposition’ the company through the benefits of private ownership, will the development help boost Oriflame’s brand value?

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