Oriflame Egypt announces five-year plan to expand franchise concept to 500

Oriflame Egypt announces five-year plan to expand franchise concept to 500

Oriflame Egypt has announced plans to expand its franchise offering in the country from 140 franchises to 500 over the next five years.

Speaking in an interview with Daily News Egypt, Oriflame Egypt Managing Director Abdel Aziz discussed the commercial viability of its franchise program, where independent consultants can open a service point to deliver the company’s products.

“We have approximately 140 of these in governorates all over Egypt, in Upper Egypt, the Delta, North Coast, Sinai, and all the big cities. This concept has been very successful from a distribution perspective, as we now cover all governorates, and our strategic plan is to have 500 of these franchise/service points in the next five years.”

Boasting record sales in 2017, Aziz also spoke of the emphasis the company is placing on online sales.

He said, “Online is definitely the future and we see a bigger and bigger interest in online purchasing from the market. We have seen a big change in customer behaviour during the last few years, and the customer wants to decide how he orders and how he receives the order, and the easiest way to do that is online.
“This is why we as a company are investing a lot in this area by having an up-to-date website, where you can easily get all required information, see our products and catalogue, and also place your order.”

Aziz also discussed the importance that social media plays in developing a business consumer relationship.

He continued, “Social media like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp is becoming one of the main communication channels between customer and company, and it is important to always be available. We have also invested in different mobile applications, where you can get the same information as from our website, place your orders, and also see how a certain product looks to you.”