Ouai launches inclusive global brand campaign

Ouai launches inclusive global brand campaign

THE WHAT? Ouai has unveiled a new global brand campaign that aims to ‘encourage and remind’ customers to be their authentic selves, according to a report published by Yahoo!News.

THE DETAILS To that end, the brand, which is owned by Jen Atkin, has adopted ‘live life your Ouai’ as its tagline and will spotlight a series of real personalities as part of its latest marketing drive.

THE WHY? The press release that accompanied the campaign launch reads, per Yahoo! News, “The campaign showcases a bevy of different archetypes in the community: a real-life same sex couple, grandparent and granddaughter, working mother and daughter, a diverse group of friends, and parenthood. The brand hopes to further their community and be a champion for all the organizations and communities they support – not just through this campaign, but every day.”