P&G uses Alibaba.com to boost e-commerce in China

P&G uses Alibaba.com to boost e-commerce in China

Proctor & Gamble is looking to digital innovator Alibaba.com to assist its online growth in the Chinese market.

The company, which launched into China in 1988, is hoping to further capitalize on the 700 million strong online community in the country by utilizing Alibaba’s digital solutions including e-commerce, digital marketing solutions and a ‘media ecosystem’.

Jasmine Xu, P&G China Company Vice President for e-business and branding, said, “In our point of view, Alibaba is way beyond just a selling platform. E-commerce also plays a significant role in brand building, which is changing P&G’s century-long brand-building model.”

Xu has stated that P&G is using Alibaba’s Tmall.com shopping marketplace in a bid to give upgrade its China strategy an upgrade in the current digital era.

Alibaba is said to be working with P&G on the following: launching new products, brand building, customer engagement, market expansion, and consumer-to-business, a fairly new strategy that P&G is just starting to develop and will include the possibility of a C2B product to be launched in the future.