Pantene pioneers new shampoo for customers in Pakistan

Pantene pioneers new shampoo for customers in Pakistan

Pantene has introduced a new shampoo to cater for customers in Pakistan who are experiencing hair damage as a result of high copper levels in tap water.

Pantene ProV have reformulated shampoo products to include ‘Damage Blockers’ in the form of ethylenediamine-N,N’-disuccinic acid (EDDS) following a study by the Pantene Hair Research Institute. The study found that excessive minerals in the water in Pakistan, namely copper, which were deposited on hair during washing leading to a dull, brittle appearance.

The research found that EDDS acts like a magnet, attracting excessive minerals such as copper, drawing it away from hair and preventing damage.

Brands ambassador Nina Lotia commented, “So many clients tell me that they think tap water is harsh on their hair. Having gone through an educational visit at the Pantene lab in Singapore, I now understand what is causing the damage and how the new Pantene can prevent it.

 “The study proves that during the first wash, Pantene’s shampoos with EDDS begin working to address hair’s copper levels while revealing the natural beauty of each fiber. With continued use, copperinduced oxidative stress declines, protein preservation improves, reinforcing EDDS as an effective solution to prevent damage caused by copper in water.”

Maheen Hassan, Brand Manager at Pantene Pakistan added, “Today is an iconic moment in the history of Pantene innovation. In the past, Pantene has brought several options for different types of hair to make hair health easier for our consumers but with the launch of our latest innovation to counter water damage Pantene has made history. Keeping the consumers at the heart of our innovation, it gives me great pleasure to introduce the newest member of the Pantene ProV family, the new Pantene with Damage Blockers.”

The new Pantene ProV Damage Blocker is now available at all leading stores across Pakistan. The formula has been incorporated in Smooth and Strong, Sheer Volume and Deep Black in the Pantene ProV Endo Look range. For the Damage Repair range the Damage Blockers have been added to Antihair fall, Milky Extra Treatment, Moisture Renewal and Antidandruff and for the Natural Ingredient range, Nature Fusion.