Patrick Starr to debut make-up line One/Size

Patrick Starr to debut make-up line One/Size

THE WHAT? Patrick Starr has announced the launch of his dedicated beauty brand, according to a report published by License Global.

THE DETAILS The YouTube star and influencer’s line has been dubbed One/Size, will be sold exclusively via Sephora and, per the brand’s Instagram account, will carry the tagline ‘make-up is a one size fits all’.

Early posts via the account suggest the brand carries a strong diversity message.  

THE WHY? While the range has no doubt been in the offing for a while, it couldn’t be better timed; the launch feels almost like a direct response to Jefree Star and Shane Dawson‘s fall from grace. There’s now a window of opportunity for another YouTube star to takeover and Patrick Starr and Sephora are well positioned to seize it.  

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