Peruvian entrepreneur takes US Birchbox concept home to South America

Peruvian entrepreneur takes US Birchbox concept home to South America

A Peruvian entrepreneur has translated the popular Birchbox concept, a New York-based beauty subscription service, to the Peruvian market.

Inspired by the original e-commerce platform, which encourages beauty buffs to try new products and review them online, Pinallos Delgado launched

Peruvian women can try new products via a ‘discovery’ subscription as well as purchase beauty products and join an online community to share reviews.

“We wanted to come up with an idea that could work in Peru and the region, that was scalable and that could fit with our personal interests,” Delgado told the Financial Times.

DeluxeBox has now been trading for two-and-a-half years and boasts 10,000 customers and relationships with 90 beauty and personal care brands. The company, which was financed through savings and investment from Peru’s Wayra accelerator program, broke even for the first time last year.

Delgado is now considering expansion within South America and branching out into products for men as well as developing business intelligence for beauty companies based on the information collected from customers. “We have presented our start-up to investors in Colombia and Peru, and are evaluating and negotiating our second investment round,” she noted.