P&G’s Oral-B launches smart toothbrush, Genius X

P&G’s Oral-B launches smart toothbrush, Genius X

THE WHAT? Procter & Gamble-owned Oral-B has launched a smart toothbrush that employs artificial intelligence to help enhance the user’s brushing technique, according to a report published by Inside FMCG.

THE DETAILS Genius X, as the brush is known, was unveiled at CES earlier this year and uses sensors to measure pressure, check brushing time and track the brush’s location in order to ensure all teeth are left sparkling clean. Consumers can monitor their brushing performance via an App, which will flag any areas of the mouth that need a revisit.

“By deepening our understanding of consumer behaviour across 60 countries, Oral-B has been able to design products and experiences that help coach consumers to build healthier brushing behaviours,” Carlos De Jesus, Vice President, Oral Care at Procter & Gamble told Inside FMCG.

The brush is available in a series of premium finishes designed to appeal to the design conscious millennial, including rose gold, anthracite and blush pink, and boasts six cleaning modes, including whitening and sensitive.

THE WHY? The oral care category is lifting itself out of the commodity category one step at a time. For consumers who already monitor their activity level via a smart watch or track their cycle via a period app, this will be a natural next step. The launch lifts oral care from plain old personal care into the booming health and wellness category.