Philippe Starck launches new fragrance collection

Philippe Starck launches new fragrance collection

French designer Philippe Starck has launched a new fragrance collection in collaboration with Perfumes y Diseño Group, which he brokered a deal with in 2013.

The collection is the first one to launch under Starck Paris, and is said to be focused on a concept of ‘elsewhere.’

Launching in Neiman Marcus next week, there is a total of three eau de toilettes in the collection called Peau de Soie, Peau de Pierre and Peau D’Ailleurs and is a new direction for Starck who is famed for his diverse thinking and work in fields of packaging, interior design and marketing.

Speaking of his inspiration Starck said to, “I’m a dreamer. Since I’m born, I’ve [felt like I’m] not in the real life, [like] I’m flying nonstop without limit. It’s not very comfortable.”